Mystic Monks



Mystic Monks is a community driven project focused on bringing the artist to the forefront of the conversation, going against the narrative “the rich get richer.” Check out our roadmap below with more details on each step of the way in our discord! Join our community of Mystic Monks on the wonderful blockchain of Cardanö.

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Mystic Monks is a community-driven project focused on bringing the artist to the forefront of the conversation and going against the narrative “the rich get richer” We have lots of plans in the works post-mint for how we want to address these issues, but we truly believe there needs to be a change in the majority of NFT projects. The artist is never celebrated and promoted, but simply paid off and shunned away. this is NOT us, and we will be doing all we can to bring ARTiSTS to the main stage! IRL events, Merch, stickers are all in the works. Are you ready to join the Mystic MONKS? ✨
Jake EY3 is the artist behind ALL of the art you see from Mystic Monks! Jake has been poppin’ off on IG, creating visual batteries for your eyes digitally and physically. He sells his art in the form of pins, stickers & posters.., He’s an incredible artist you NEED to check out!
We are releasing 8888 monks onto the Cardano blockchain! The mönks will be released in 4 drops, 2222 per drop.
First drop is March 3rd 7PM UTC or 1PM CST at a price of 42 ADA.
We wanted to have a whitelist to reward people who are early fans of our project & peeps who really support and promote us as they really do believe in our vision and community! There will also be plenty of public mints for anyone not on the whitelist. The whitelist will get 20m early access to the minting portal. No guarantee for the whitelist to be able to get a mint.
Check out this great video on how to set up a Nami wallet! You can NOT send money from an exchange like coinbase. ONLY send funds from a cardano wallet such as Nami, Yoroi, CCvault or Daedalus.
We really believe in the Cardano blockchain and the ecosystem around it! It is a very promising coin & ecosystem that we are happy to be a part of, LFG CHARLES! Another big fact is that the GAS fees are tremendously lower than ETH, and this is a big win as well!

Meet The Artist

Jake EY3 is a full-time visual artist that works in any medium he can. Digital art, animation, painting, illustration, sculpting, casting and mystical monk making, Jake is an incredible artist that shines throughout and beyond this project.
From ancient civilizations to urban street art culture, you will find all sorts of timeless artifacts as traits in our collection of mönks.
With the art, Jake aims to encourage mystic minds and inspire the powers of a creator in all. We are building an army of alchemist that will create the reality they want to see and make gold abundance to share along the way.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.